Soft Parcel Shelf - Falling Out!

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Good afternoon all

1st post on the forum, so i am after a bit of advice, although only a small, annoying issue. Is there a mod or way-around the soft parcel shelf not falling out of place either when shutting the rear door/boot or just falling out of place randomly when driving!

i cant see that any clips or anything is missing or broken, but it just seems to jump out of the 2x clip-in tags (c-shaped for the want of a better explanation!) and hang by the strings when you open the boot again. as i say, not world stopping but annoying!

any advise would be appreciated


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Loads of advice on this subject going back years on the forum. Posting some pics will also help.
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Welcome to the forum.
I've never had any problem with the boot cover, but others have had various problems, usually involving snapping.
If I recall someone secured theirs with a cable tie that was quite effective.
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Here’s the original list thread


Cable tie fixes the lower clip but the upper ones are alway coming away randomly, very bad design, why Ford didn’t keep the attached type that slot in like the fiesta I’ll never know

Hopefully there’s an redesign soon to retrofit, I’ve brought it up with CRC a few times if a lot also do then we may get a change, hoping 🤞
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