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Have only filled the tank twice since getting the car. First time was to top up what the dealer put in, with this one the first real tank fill.

A weird think happened whilst picking my shopping up. The warning popped up to say to refill and that I had 50 miles left in the tank. This was the first time I have seen the message. Immediately after that the engine cut out at the roundabout and I was stuck blocking traffic with hazards on. I turned the engine off and back on again and then it restarted.

I was right next to the Tesco filling station, so reluctantly filled up there as prefer to use my local Esso.

Car has been fine since, but just wanted to check if there are any known issues or whether anyone has experienced this at all?

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May have been a stop/start malfunction.
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I don't recall it being reported previously by anyone. Seems weird, possibly an ECU fault....Might be worth getting the dealer to check the fuel system/ECU.
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Cheers. I will drop in on them when passing next. It could be a weird coincidence though on timing.

Another coincidence is that the estimated miles left in tank after refilling was exactly the amount that my trip showed I had done since filling previously, suggesting the tank was empty.
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