Hello from France

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Hello from France

Post by pb-fr » Mon Sep 28, 2020 5:14 pm


I've been lurking in these forums the last few weeks and enjoying reading about everyone's experiences with this car - mostly positive, it seems. Discovered a few things I had missed in the manual too!

I'm a (fairly) new owner of racing red ST-Line X in northern France here. Ordered not long before the lockdown hit over here but Ford managed to deliver just one month later than planned, in mid-June. 4000km on the clock now, averaging around 55mpg which doesn't seem too shabby :D

Very much liking the sportier handling after 8 years in a Skoda Yeti Greenline. The only thing that really disappointed me is the sound from the B&O stereo - not as good as the Skoda 10-speaker system we had in the Yeti. Doors rattle easily when you crank up a bass-heavy track, and in surround mode the bass is pushed a bit out of sync (it's not a lot, and you don't notice it on all tracks, but as an amateur recording musician my ears notice these things...) It is such a comfy car for long journeys though!

Anyway, "bonjour" to anyone reading this :)


- Paul

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Re: Hello from France

Post by Wdf76 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 5:32 pm

Bonjour.... Welcome along. Sounds like you're all clued up. I've had mine since Feb. It's been really good so far. A few niggles with systems, but I've gotten used to them and can't really be arsed to take the car in to be sorted.

Engine, powertrain, hybrid system I cannot fault. Comfy, nippy and holds its own. Has drawn attention in the works car park (until it's full of them) and has been averaging 50mpg most weeks.


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