Dome light always on when driving

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Post by Aerbei » Tue Nov 03, 2020 1:33 am


Since I picked up the car from the dealer, the dome light doesn't go off when i start the car and drive (the switch is in the middle "default position"), I have to manually turn it off (by pressing the switch on the right) and then i can go back to put it in the middle "default position" and the light stays off the rest of the trip.


I open the doors, I get in the car and the light comes on (ok, fine) but when I close the door, the light is still on, it does not go off, I start driving and it is still on ... :( :(

I have also tried to keep the light on to see if it went off for 5-10min while I was driving but it does not turn off, I always have to turn it off manually, I also try to lock the car from the inside but nothing ... :(

Has it happened to someone else?

Sorry for my poor English, (google translator XD)

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Post by Spearmint » Tue Nov 03, 2020 5:08 am

Press the actual light, it functions as a map reading light.
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Post by Aerbei » Tue Nov 03, 2020 3:36 pm

Thank you!!!!!

Didn't know that the light itself can be pressed: lol :: lol:

yeah, both on xD

Problem solved!!

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Post by Wdf76 » Tue Nov 03, 2020 4:53 pm

Yay😄 once again Puma forums solves the problem.

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Post by bobgellatly » Thu Jan 13, 2022 5:57 pm

Great! That has been puzzling me for a month now. I must have pressed the light inadvertantly and changed it to map mode. Thanks for the advice. By the way does anyone use maps nowadays?

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Post by Mike » Thu Jan 13, 2022 8:33 pm

I’ve learned something new also.
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Post by sinlessUK » Fri Jan 14, 2022 8:36 am

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